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Having trouble downloading, installing, or using the mobile filters? These are some commonly asked questions!

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UPDATE: Lightroom has recently updated all Lightroom CC presets to XMP files. The latest download for the Desktop presets includes these files. Click here for instructions on how to install this new type of file if your Lightroom doesn’t automatically update the old presets.

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Q: It won’t let me me download, every time I click on the link it just goes to a loading page.

A: You must be on a computer to download these filters! You can’t download a ZIP folder onto your phone. Download the files onto your desktop computer first and then follow the instructions in the PDF or video to install.

Q: When I click on the file it won’t open.

A: This is normal! They are DNG files so they will probably show up as blank grey squares on both your computer and phone. There is no need to “open” the files - just follow the instructions and install normally.

Q: My download expired / I lost my presets. Can you resend them to me?

A: If you bought your presets within the last 3 months, then yes I can resend them! I have a time limit only because I can’t be your personal back up forever. This is why the first step on both the PDF and video is to back up your files. I highly recommend making a copy of the files and saving them to Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud. That way even if you lose your phone, your computer crashes, or your hard drive breaks, you can still have access to the filters for years to come! As a side note, make sure you have access to a computer within 24 hours of buying before your purchase - it will save us both the trouble :)

Q: Can I use these filters on video?

A: As far as I know the mobile Lightroom app doesn’t allow you to use presets on video. My presets are available on the Malibu App to use for video, though! It is a separate purchase however.

Q: These presets don’t make my photos look like yours. What do I do?

A: Keep in mind that filters can’t magically make an image look good. It’s important to have good lighting and focus. I have been a photographer for 10 years, so the way I shoot is more than just slapping a filter on a pic! It might take some practice to take good photos. The quality of the camera on your phone may affect the look of your images too.

These are the exact filters I use on my phone shots that you see on my stories though!

Q: When I apply the filter it looks orange / dark / weird / etc.

A: If you watch the installation video, I actually go through and show you how to edit with the filters! No filter is one-click because every image is different! The things I always adjust are white balance, exposure, and sometimes if the skin looks orange I adjust the HSL sliders and desaturate the orange. I show you how to do this in the video!