As an artist, it's important to get out and shoot for yourself sometimes. Just create - doesn't matter if it even turns out good. 

A while back I went out with one of my besties Madi and we just shot each other and had fun with it! I love these snaps she got of me. I've been digging super close up portraits / detail shots lately, and wanted to play with the idea of being salty and sandy in black and white. Even though I'm the model in these pics, I still feel like I got to be a huge part of the creativity! I think every photographer should spend some time in front of the camera: it makes you better at posing and empathize with clients and models more!

Lots of people ask me about staying inspired as a photographer, and my advice is always to make sure you are doing more than just paid shoots all the time! Collect inspiration before the shoot from unlikely sources: old photo books from the library, CD covers, movie posters, post cards, magazines, the family photo album, a museum, drawings created by a child, your favorite chick flick - anywhere really. Go out and make some magic. Play around with weird lighting, equipment, or even random objects (try putting a plastic bag in front of the lens or using a prism). Try a weird pose and break the rules. Shoot in a completely different style. Recreate a photo you love but with a twist. It doesn't even matter if it turns out bad. You don't have to show anyone.

How do you get your photo ideas? What makes your heart beat hardest when you create art? How do you push through a slump? Leave a comment below so we can all learn from each other!

Stay inspired my loves,

xoxo Heather

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