Bryant and I are finding ourselves at a crossroad in life. He graduates this April and we have decided to put our home in our backpacks and travel for a while. People keep asking about our plans, but honestly? I'm not totally sure! I had no idea where I'd be when I was looking at my life a couple years ago! I didn't know I was going to sell presets or educate hundreds of photographers! I didn't know I'd get to lead two workshops here in Hawaii or work for tourism boards or create a community on Facebook. So it's hard for me to plan out my life so far in advance. 

This is all I really know: we have a one way ticket to Italy. We want to travel for a while. We want to do humanitarian work this summer. We plan on coming back to the North Shore and starting our family by the end of the year. We are launching a completely new company in just a couple of months (I can't spill the beans but it's gonna be good and you guys are gonna freak out!). I'm finally gonna start putting stuff up on Youtube (I've been meaning to do it since forever... so I'm forcing myself to just go for it). We're slowly figuring out what we want in life and what's important to us. 

Something I'm learning recently is that you can't keep waiting for the stars to align to begin your life. You can't wait for things to be perfect before you show them to the world. The timing will never be right.

For the past few months, it seems like the sun is showing its face less and less. I'm 100% a sunshine person and so it starts to take its toll on me when the sky is constantly cloudy and raining outside! This means when the sun does decide to come out, I end up dropping everything and making it a point to get outside. 

Sometimes you gotta take the opportunities when they come. Bryant is graduating, we won't have rent to pay because our lease is over, we're on the brink of starting our family and launching some major things within our company.. so it's completely insane to pack our lives up into backpacks and travel the world. Yet something inside tells me that I can't bet on the future. It's sunny today, but that doesn't mean it won't be sunny tomorrow. It could be cloudy for weeks. What I'm trying to say is... this might be one of our only chances for a while to do something this crazy.

On the list we have: Italy, Portugal, Israel, working with refugees in Lebanon, maybe a quick stop in Spain. Maybe come back to Arizona for a wedding, then move on to the Pacific. Who knows? It's hard to say because plans are always changing. But I feel like we're on the brink of something and we feel God calling us to places we wouldn't have dreamed of going on our own. 

The unknown is kind of scary. But I'm pretty excited, too.

It's going to be a good year.

xoxo Heather

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