10 photos that will make you catch the travel bug!

As we plan our summer travels for the year, I keep looking back on all the fun adventures we had in 2017! Sometimes I feel like my favorite photos go unnoticed so I put together 10 of my favorite shots that will hopefully make ya feel the wanderlust like it did for me.

MolokaiHawaii_HBGOODIE2018 (39 of 81).jpg

I snapped this shot of my friend Julianne on our girls trip to Molokai last spring! I loved boating around the dreamy coast without a soul in sight. It was extra fun being with my besties and exploring an island not too far from home! If you're looking for a sign to plan a fun weekend trip with some friends, take a peek at the blog post I made about our trip! 

Philippines_HBGOODIE2018 (19 of 38).jpg

The Philippines was a magical land of black limestone cliffs, crystal clear water, beautiful people, and the perfect place to spend our summer. We felt like little kids barefoot and running around all day through the jungle and playing in the ocean! You can plan a trip like ours using my Philippines Travel Guide.

Philippines_HBGOODIE2018 (32 of 38).jpg

I can't include just one photo from the Philippines because honestly - it was just that magical. I would book a plane ticket back here in a heartbeat.

Borneo_HBGOODIE2018 (7 of 38).jpg

If you're an ocean person at all then Borneo should be on your bucket list. We went free diving in Semporna and saw some of the most colorful reefs in the world! We spent almost every day on a boat and in the ocean: just how I like it.

Borneo_HBGOODIE2018 (38 of 38).jpg

Sabah, Malaysia doesn't just have incredible coral reefs: it's also home to the endangered Orangutans! It was a once in a lifetime experience seeing these creatures in the wild in Sepilok. 

Thailand_HBGOODIE2018 (7 of 48).jpg

If Thailand wasn't on your bucket list before then it should be now. Monkeys, emerald green water, insanely beautiful cliffs, coconuts for days.. there's no better way to spend a vacation. Also: Thai food anyone? I'm in love.

MoroccoTravelGuide_HBGOODIE2018 (22 of 44).jpg

Hold up - this is in Morocco?! Bet you didn't know there were beautiful waterfalls there! Smack in the middle of the desert Atlas mountains, you can hike to these magical falls and refresh yourself in the summer heat. Don't forget to eat at a restaurant with the tables in the river and say hello to some Berber shepherds. 

JordanTravelGuide_HBGOODIE2018 (25 of 35).jpg

Ahh Jordan. If you've followed me long enough then you know I'm pretty much obsessed with this country. Between the dreamy desert and the turquoise waters of the Red Sea, it's the perfect mix of desert, ocean, and incredible Middle Eastern culture. It's my favorite country I've ever been to!

Peru_HBGOODIE2018 (42 of 43).jpg

I became totally smitten with Peru when we went! We got to spend so much time with the indigenous people and Machu Picchu was pretty much the icing on the cake. I'm already looking at tickets to get back to this place ASAP. Even though it's touristy, it doesn't take away from the magical feeling of being up in the clouds nestled between towering green mountains in an ancient city.


It wouldn't be a complete list if I didn't include a photo from my own home! Everyone knows Hawaii is beautiful but most people don't realize there's a deeply rooted culture. When you take the time to learn about the humans who live here, your experience will be so much better. I love my home and love to show my readers what it's really all about. You can see the Rooted project I got to work on here!

This summer we are headed to Europe! I can't wait! We're hoping to hit Italy, Portugal, and Israel but are open to other countries as well. We are probably just gonna wing it! Are you headed anywhere fun for 2018? I'd love to know where your dream place to travel is!

xoxo Heather