How to go from dreaming to DOING.


I know you're a dreamer. Just the fact that you are following along on this journey lets me know you're a dreamer, and I think that is a beautiful thing. Dreamers make the world a better place. We hold onto hope and feel everything deeply. 

We have our downfalls though, too. 

We get overwhelmed often: there is so much we want to accomplish, so many causes we want to get behind, so little time to make all our dreams come true. Sometimes we end up so overwhelmed by all of our dreams that they don't happen. We can't focus on just one thing and so we beat ourselves up about our lack of achievement. We compare ourselves to others who seem to be not only dreaming but DOING. We want so badly to be doing.

So how do you become both a dreamer AND a doer? How do you go from having your head in the clouds to actually making your dreams a reality?

It all starts with baby steps.

If you can break your dream down into tangible, actionable steps, your dreams won't just be in your head anymore.

Start big and get specific. Write it down. Set reminders. Do something DAILY - no matter what. No “zero days” allowed: don’t let a day go by that you don’t do the tiniest thing to work towards your dreams.

For example, if you want to be a traveling wedding photographer, writing "become more confident" is crap. Sorry, but it is. You haven't defined anything. What does more confident even mean? More confident in what? How will you do that exactly?

Instead, you want to write: Practice one new pose a week (which will create more confidence). Or: book one plane ticket a month to a new state and book as many shoots/collaborations as possible for that trip so you can advertise for that new state. (Aka increase your confidence by expanding your portfolio in new places).

I'll show you another example.

Let's say your dream is to be a successful online personal trainer. In your mind, being successful means making six figures and feeling fulfilled when you actually are helping people. Your first instinct might be to just think about how you wish you had more followers, or how you should start a Youtube channel. Or something. 

But what type of daily, tiny goals will actually get you where you want to be? What habits do you need to develop?

You could write: 1) Start 1 fitness challenge per month on Instagram to get more people on board and trust me as an authority. 2) Write 1 paragraph of my ebook every day. 3) Take a weekly survey of my followers to find out questions people have about fitness so that I can better market towards people's needs. 4) Work on my website for at least 10 minutes each day until its done.

Do you see what I did there? Every single one of those is an EASY step you can do daily or weekly or monthly! It brings your dream right to the forefront of things and stops it from being a forever vague wish floating around in your head. Your dream CAN become a reality. Almost no one reaches their dream overnight: it all comes down to doing the small, daily stuff.

Maybe no one believes in you. Maybe you have too many responsibilities or not enough time. Maybe you don't have the money to get started. Maybe you're too young or too old.

Or maybe... you're coming up with excuses. Because guess what, every single one of those reasons has been overcome by thousands of other people who reached their dreams, too. If you want it badly enough, you'll find a way (or make your own).

If you're waiting for permission.. here it is! You have my permission to just go for it! Shine! Dream - and then DO.

You got this. And I'll be here, with you, to help make that happen.

xoxo, Heather

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